A downloadable game for Windows

Objective: Kill as many Civilians as possible, while running from the Rednecks with chainsaws trying to kill you!

(There is a way to win, winning as in not dying yourself can you find it?)

Controls: Use the Arrow Keys to move around.

Disclaimer: Depending on your sound setup it might be a tad loud so be prepared. (It shouldn't be loud I turned everything down.)

Software used:

Fusion 2.5 Clickteam






Notepad (For planning)

To download and play you need Fusion 2.5!

I think this is the Web Link?


Weblink does NOT work right, you can try but they game freaks out when it loads, better off just downloading fusion 2.5 and playing it from there.

Install instructions

You need Fusion 2.5 to download and play.

From Fusion 2.5 Clickteam, go to File > Open > download directory where the .mfa file is stored > open it > on top of Fusion 2.5 window click "Run Application"

Weblink will NOT function properly so you MUST download and install Fusion 2.5 Clickteam


MonstrousDaySource.zip 6 MB
MonsterGame.mfa 48 MB